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Turning a Home Into a Luxurious, Ocean Paradise

Home design trend, mermaidcore, is on the rise. Design styles inspired by the sea and water, including particular colors, textures, finishes and patterns.

According to House Digest, “the textures used in nautical décor are much more matte and rustic, nodding to the driftwoods of the sea. Mermaidcore incorporates more shimmering, pearly textures that are reminiscent of the fairy-tale aesthetic we know so well, making it a more ethereal look,” explained James Roberts, director of Sanctuary Bathrooms, in an exclusive interview with House Digest.

Johanna Constantinou, Tapi’s brand and communications director, who also spoke exclusively with HD, added that mermaidcore is “slightly more whimsical than your traditional nautical trends, but is still done tastefully to feel sophisticated.” Further, “It also ties in perfectly to the dopamine dressing trends we’re currently seeing, with people wanting to inject more color into their homes.”

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