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Optimizing Space With Double Vanities

Personal space should be the last thing, or never actually, sacrificed when designing a double vanity. And when counter space must be taken into consideration, loss of surface are can be made up for in luxury style and feel, and creative storage opportunities.

As Homes & Gardens writes, “whether you are designing a double vanity for a spacious primary bathroom or a snug ensuite, there’s much to consider, from countertop materials to storage opportunities.”

Double pedestal-style vanities offer a traditional feel and something not so permanent. Playing with different contrasts between material and hardware such as warm brass and cedar can add “a feeling of luxury and preventing it from taking a rustic turn,’ she says. ‘Chrome or nickel would have been too bright and a little jarring,” said interior design Nicole Cohen.

Wall mounted vanities can “make a small bathroom look bigger or simply enhance space further in a large bathroom.”

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