Interior Design

Transform Your Bathroom With an Accent Wall

Seen as a timeless option, accent walls can open up a world of creativity for design possibilities, with color, placement and texture options.

According to House Digest, if you decide to take the plunge and install an accent wall in your bathroom, it’s best to choose a prominent wall in the room. Painting a small wall or tucking wallpaper into a corner will make the room look poorly planned and unintentional. Wall color is just as important as placement. It may help to think of your accent wall as the harmony in a song — each color should be different but flow smoothly together. Remodel or Move recommends blending one-third of the original paint color into your accent wall to reveal a similar warmth and depth shade. Muted paint colors, neutrals, and jewel tones are safe choices, but you’ll want to avoid putting bright, distracting shades in the bathroom.

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