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Viera’s Long-Standing Track Record For Success

The master-planned community of Viera offers the best in location, amenities, and home options, adding to its long-term success since it broke ground in 1989

By Editorial Staff

It is rare to see a master-planned community with a lifespan that has lasted since the late ‘80s. The amazing thing is that this is exactly what the Viera master-planned community in Brevard County, Florida has done.

Developed by The Viera Company, and with multiple builders and architects helping its continued growth, this year marks the 30th anniversary of the Viera community. With its official groundbreaking having been in August of 1989, Viera is still drawing attention from builders and buyers alike in 2019.

After many years in development, this community is still living up to its original purpose. “The concept for the Viera was born out of a strong sense of stewardship for the land and the understanding of commercial and residential growth patterns which were rapidly approaching Duda’s Cocoa Ranch,” explains Todd Pokrywa, President of The Viera Company. “The inspiration for Viera came with the increasing demand for land in the area and the desire of the Duda family to develop something more than a typical collection of subdivisions and incidental retail.”

The Viera Company acts as the master developer for this community. Their role is to set a vision and select, assemble, and utilize chosen third- party consultants, builders, and developers who will help create said vision.

“We strive to never be satisfied with the status quo,” Pokrywa stated.“We still follow and believe that we must be deliberate in learning from other master- planned communities across the country. The developer must constantly balance desire to innovate with the realities of financial feasibility. The collaborative, creative process and valuable input amongst all the various disciplines’ is what creates the unique nature of the community.”

What Makes a Successful Master-Planned Community?

Viera Builders_Cabrara
Viera has been ranked as one of the communities on the list for John Burns Real Estate Consulting Top 25 Master- Planned Communities in the U.S.

Viera came about thanks to The Viera Company’s dedication to seeing through their plan to create a unique, stand-out master plan. Between its location, amenities, and a variety of homes, Viera has the ability to draw buyers from all walks of life.

Located in the geographic center of Brevard County, Florida, Viera offers residents the ability to be in the best possible location to reach a range of places in the county. The community is mere minutes from several beaches and a short drive from Orlando International Airport and the Orlando- Melbourne International Airport. Additionally, residents can enjoy the close proximity to various attractions such as the Kennedy Space Center, DisneyWorld, Universal Studios and SeaWorld. The community’s residents can also enjoy access to The Brevard Zoo. Viera is the only master plan in the United States with a community zoo. The zoo has even won national awards and is ranked as a top tourist destination.

Along with this impressive amenities, residents can enjoy access to outdoor activities such as hiking and walking on the 100+ miles of trails that wind their way through the community, playing golf on the nationally ranked Duran Golf Course, or playing any number of games at the United

States Specialty Sports Association. As detailed by Scott Miller, Senior Vice President of Sales & Community Management at The Viera Company, “Most trails are extra- wide, multi-use trails offering enough space for pedestrians, bicycles, and golf-carts to travel safely at the same time. Viera also offers dozens of community and neighborhood parks, two community dog parks, and we are currently constructing a village club which will offer residents of the village sports areas for tennis, swimming, pickleball, and more.”

Of course, location and amenities are only two parts that make a successful master- planned community. The Viera Company also makes sure to provide the best range of homes for a multitude of buyers, from millennials to Baby Boomers alike. Viera provides a wide variety of home options, from multifamily luxury apartment living, to million-dollar single- family homes, and everything in-between.

Single-family home options include single- story and two-story homes which each differing in their floor plans. Buyers can choose from a host of homes such as:

  • The Montgomery II with four bedrooms, three bathrooms and a total 4550 square feet of living space;
  • The Hartley, which offers four bedrooms, three-and-a-half bathrooms and 3728 total square feet of space;
  • The Arezzo II which includes five bedrooms, four-and-a-half bathrooms and more than 4900 square feet of living space; · The Siesta, a three bedroom, two bathroom, single story floor plan with 3182 square feet.
Christopher Burton Luxury Homes_2
Single-family home options
at Viera include single-story and two-story homes which each offers a variety of floor plans.

These are just some of the home options available to potential homebuyers seeking to make their home at Viera. Depending on what builder a customer chooses, floor plans can be adjusted according to the buyers needs thanks to a healthy amount of customization options such as bonus rooms and different elevations.

What is more, some of the Viera Builders neighborhoods are now adhering to the FPL BuildSmart program which brings in the added bonus of energy-efficiency options.

“BuildSmart® for Builders is our energy- efficient new home certification program,” explained Miller. “BuildSmart® homes are certified by the FPL to be built to a high standard of energy efficiency, saving up to 30 percent on energy bills. Our services include an energy-efficiency analysis and recommendations, testing of HVAC air duct systems by trained FPL inspectors, and verification of energy-efficient upgrades prior to occupancy.”

With its central location, impressive amenities, and ever-growing range of homes, it is no wonder the Viera master-planned community has earned recognition over the years. One example of this is its ranking in the Top 25 Master-Planned Communities in the U.S. by The John Burns Real Estate Consulting, LLC.

“These rankings are a great benchmark of where we are as a master-planned community and how we compete on a national level,” Miller said in a press release regarding the community’s ranking. “A top 25 ranking is the validation of our constant efforts to innovate and create a vibrant and desirable community.”

LifeStyle Homes_2

The success of Viera has been ongoing since the late 1980’s, leading to well-earned anticipation for what The Viera Company does next as they continue to develop this nationally-ranked master-planned community.

To learn more about this master-planned community, please visit www.viera.com.