This Once-Dated Wall Paneling is Now Making Homes Look so Elegant and Sophisticated

There are a handful of trends that ‘once were’ that are now coming back into their prime, especially as the decretive antiques and vintage designs resurge, tying into the emerging theme of quiet luxury and vintage beauty.

According to Livingetc, Dark wood paneling has been making its way out of its archaic era and into the present day. Plenty of stunning modern homes that are known for their contemporary style feature notable shaker paneling or wainscoting, and we think that it’s because this fashionable element lends a sense of holistic earthiness which is essential to the aura of a home. With the outside world being faster and louder than ever, a home is meant to be a zen oasis made to unwind and these subtle accents make all the difference.

We think that millwork trends are timeless due to their versatility and Ana Coddington, lead interior designer at Archival Designs, agrees. ‘The revival of dark wooden paneling is a nod to the blending of traditional craftsmanship with contemporary aesthetics,’ she says. ‘Many homeowners and designers are drawn to wooden millwork for its ability to inject warmth and natural texture into modern spaces that might otherwise appear cold or austere.’

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