Wellness Design

Biophilic Design in Luxury Homes

A seemingly new trend, or one that’s simply on the rise, the development of biophilic design began at least 20 years ago.

The design trend is centered around the idea of happiness through bringing the outdoors in, as a way for the individuals to experience an integrated connection to the natural world. Interior light, ventilation, appealing views, as well as scents and sounds of exterior landscape can all be incorporated into the integration. Biophilic design involves the inclusion of natural materials and greenery within the interiors of the home.

Biophilic Design is Focused Around:

  • Environmental features, or “place-based” architecture
  • Organic shapes and forms
  • Natural and native materials
  • Light and space
  • The concept of home as refuge

According to RisMedia, biophilic design can enhance the sense of comfort that a home provides, benefiting both physical and emotional well-being. In other words, it represents a contemporary approach to the traditional concept of “bringing the outside in” to create a comfortable home environment. Modern homes have evolved far beyond mere protection from the elements.

While trends come and go, many architects and designers are already embracing biophilic design, and it is anticipated that the luxury market will continue to respond positively to this idea. Biophilic design acknowledges the unique connection between humans and nature, and recognizes that nature is specific to its location. As a result, biophilic design can manifest differently in luxury communities such as Palm Springs, Nantucket, Aspen or Seattle. However, it can be equally applied to high-rise condo units, single-level ranch homes or estates on extensive properties.

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