Achieving Coastal Farmhouse Design

With the effortless blend of soothing ambiance of seaside living with the warmth of traditional farmhouse design, coastal farmhouse is made for those seeking to relax.

‘The coastal farmhouse interior design style is all about creating a space that feels inviting for family and friends,’ explains Lick’s trends specialist, Matilda Martin. ‘Whether that’s through soft furnishings encouraging moments of relaxation or natural materials creating a relaxed and homey vibe. If you’re looking for a home refresh that’ll welcome an elegant, country style, a calming environment and familiar comforts then the coastal farmhouse decor is perfect for your home.’ And we couldn’t agree more.

According to Microsoft Start, You’re likely familiar with the look and feel of a coastal style. And also pretty used to pouring over inviting farmhouse trends. But what about the union of the two? Enter: coastal farmhouse.

Coastal farmhouse creates spaces that resonate with tranquillity and sophistication. Striking a delicate balance between the laid-back feel of coastal decor ideas with the rustic nature of farmhouse aesthetics, this style captures the hearts of many interior designers. 

‘For me, coastal farmhouse decor is typified by many of the same elements of traditional farmhouses: beadboard paneling, simple shaker cabinets, baskets and hooked rugs,’ explains interior designer Bethany Adams.

The difference, Bethany explains, lies mainly in the color scheme. ‘A coastal farmhouse will lean heavily towards white and blue hues,’ says Bethany. ‘A sisal or jute rug, a stone hearth, and a slipcovered sofa would round out your coastal farmhouse style.’

From the soft color palette inspired by sandy shores to the use of natural materials like distressed wood and woven textures, every aspect is carefully curated to create a harmonious blend.

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